Just a Little More Chocolate

Hello again, friends!

As this blog has slowly but surely progressed, we have discovered that chocolate truly has many fascinating uses and interesting characteristics, from each chocolate bar’s flavor profile, to how we can manipulate it into a shape we need for just about anything, like this little guy . . .

IMG_0654 (1)

(Hey there! Remember me from last time?)

Allow me to formally introduce Purdue, my dear owl-shaped showpiece and, in fact, my very first showpiece. He was made with modeling chocolate and decked out with a bow tie, a top hat, and white chocolate eyes and beak. He sits on top of a tempered chocolate half-egg shell, accompanied with branches and roses as well (he is, of course, an elegant owl). Like all other owls, he likes to sit amongst his favorite branches and observe his surroundings.

Following his creation, I now look back and believe, all in all, I had tried my best with creating Purdue and his habitat. I feel that the roses were fairly well-done and that the branches I made for Purdue to sit around fit in with the theme of a natural habitat. That being said, I wish that I had not only added more details to the branches, but also polished Purdue so that there were not any smudge spots on him. I also wish I had placed pupils on his eyes. Again, however, it is my very first showpiece, and I’m sure it will not be my last time to practice making such things.

Now that we have discussed how we can use chocolate for anything besides eating, we can briefly focus our attention on one of the many brands of eating chocolate –  in this case, Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate. Founded in the early 1990s, this company was started by a husband-wife team (made up of Craig Sams and Josephine Fairley), who tasted a sample of chocolate made from organic cocoa beans (this sample was sent to Sams, who was the founder of Whole Earth, an organic foods company) (us.greenandblacks.com, About Us, Our Story p. 1). Afterwards, they went to Belize, bought cocoa beans from some Mayan farmers and started to make their chocolate from these Trinitario cocoa beans (us.greenandblacks.com, About Us, Our Story p. 2). The company has grown ever since, featuring chocolate bars from straightforward 70% dark chocolate to their first award-winning chocolate, the Mayan Gold bar (us.greenandblacks.com, About Us, Our Story p. 3).

Wish to know more? Here are some facts to start you off:

  • Green & Black’s was sold to Cadbury in 2005, creating a lot of negative press involving the companies and also Kraft Foods (Milmo, p. 1).
  • Green & Black’s was named the “coolest food brand” by a company called CoolBrands in 2011 (us.greenandblacks.com, About Us, Our Story p. 4).
  • The Mayan Gold chocolate bar was the first FairTrade chocolate bar to be sold in Britain (Smithers, p. 1)
  • The company claimed to be planning to convert all of their products into FairTrade products (Smithers, p. 1)
  • Green & Black’s also sells beverages (Smithers, p. 1)
  • The chocolate produced from this company contains no GMOs (genetically modified organisms) (“James”, p. 1).
  • The company is, at least, fairly popular in the UK (Media, p. 1).
  • Throughout its lifetime, the company has partnered/worked with several others such as Pret a Manger and airway businesses (Burkitt, p. 1).
  • With these partnerships, the company has increased their product lines from just chocolate bars to miniature bars and ice cream (Burkitt, p. 1).
  • Green & Black’s 70% chocolate bar rivaled Lindt’s bestselling product in between 2003 and 2005 (Burkitt, p. 1).

With all of this said, there is a vast world of chocolate to be explored (and tasted, of course). There is always much to learn from chocolate companies and how they feel about their products. This is a perfect excuse for eating different chocolates – after all, beans are good for you, right?

green-and-blacks-organic-chocolateThank you all for reading this – I hope you have enjoyed it and I hope to see you next time.

See you later!




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